Impress your advertisers with exclusive campaign experiences. Your identity, your business rules. Build your own branded platform.


Open RTB 2.3 integration maximizes your revenue with Open RTB auctions It connects your own branded platform to native ad networks, demand & supply providers programatically.

Recommendation Engine

Empowers your publisher network with complete visibility and control over the ad & content recommendations on their websites.

Unlimited Ad Units

Unlimited Ad Units feature enables you to create your own native ad units without any limitation. It's fully customizable to match the look & feel of your pleasure. Besides supports IAB standards.

Unique Similars Features
with unbeatable flexible pricing

integrated with hundreds of demand and supply sources, never ending innovation and robust infrastructure

Tailor Made

Complete customizable solution makes your business model to match your platform needs. You define your needs, we make it for you.

Lucid Reporting

Lucid Reporting feature provides impression and bid level data on your network with every relevant metric for brands & goals coherently. You have total control over to manage the metrics viewability base on advertiser, publisher and user roles.


Flexible Pricing

The more volume you generate, the less pricing you get. Industry's most competitive pricing model.


To maximize your revenue, it is based on eCpm yield optimization for ad recommendation. Recommendation engine has real-time content based personalization algorithm makes your publisher network well satisfied.

More Similars Features

One of the key component of Similars solution is tailor made. If you don't see the feature you are looking just let us know. We make it for you.


Perfectly developed

  • Custom ad units & widgets
  • Supports all IAB & native ad units
  • Ad & content recommendation engine
  • Self-service for both advertisers and publishers
  • Flexible business and service models
  • Create your own policy rules
  • Define your quality controls
  • Built on Amazon AWS
  • Lucid data and reporting
  • Integration ready with any DSP, SSP, DMP & Exchange

Can't find what you look for? Just let us know
We make it for you.

And Self - Service for All

Lean your back and oversee advertiser & publisher actions on your network. Besides, you may get involved anytime.


Saas for Advertisers

Advertisers may signup to your panel. So they can create, target and manage campaigns with their specific ad content in real-time automatically, use advanced advertising tools, and access full statistics and reports for campaigns.

All under your control.

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Saas for Publishers

Publishers may signup to your publisher network. So they can configure, set and manage widgets, optimize widget layout for the best performance and user experience, and monetized ads, even access full statistics and reports for their widgets.

Totally under your control.

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4 Major Benefits of Building Your Own Native Ad Network

Why ad networks should build their own native ad networks?

Benefit 1

Become an Innovative Player

Positioning your brand as an innovative player matters a lot in ad network market. Adding a native advertising network to your portfolio is effortless and fast with Similars.

Benefit 2

Increases your market penetration

Similars accelerates to grow your network through an Open RTB Exchange easily. Means market penetration really fast.

Benefits 3

Increases Profits

Increases engaged users and maximizes conversions thanks to native advertising which leverages revenue across your publisher network.

Benefits 4

Leverages Existing Relationships

Unlike new network players that must build up the supply and the demand sides in order to provide value to both parties, ad networks can simply leverage their existing relationships to form a viable native advertising network with Similars.

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